Industries specializes in the development of business solutions both for B2B and B2C sectors.

Our team has a wide experience in franchising, buying and selling of businesses, and business services. We derive pleasure from the arrangement of different competitions, conferences, and other events. We also closely cooperate with companies from the fitness and service industry.


In the B2B sector, we specialize in websites and mobile application development, which enable the customers to find new clients, partners, and suppliers. On top of that, we develop special tools that allow us to analyze partners’ trustworthiness according to the public sources and create ratings based on this information.

For business events, we develop mobile applications, landing pages, and make integration with social nets through API.

Our core competences for the B2B sector:

  • website

    Websites and mobile applications development to support any business objectives

  • Online Payment

    Online payment and document management

  • Big Data

    Big data analysis, trend spotting, and creating of ratings

  • Automatic Integration

    Automatic integration with social nets

  • paymentManagement

    Online payment management

Sport, beauty and wellness industry

We cooperate with many fitness clubs and beauty salons in Russia. For these industries, we developed different products both for internal use (CRM and ERP systems, knowledge databases) and for customer interaction and lead generation (websites, landing pages, and mobile applications).

Sport, beauty and wellness industry

Besides, our specialists created various solutions for work processes automation in these companies — entrance and exit control with the help of cards, online cash registers, automatic accumulation of data from fitness equipment and test devises to the users’ accounts. Thanks to these solutions, clients observe their improvements in online mode, while managers, fitness instructors, and doctors get useful tools for customer management.

Sport, beauty and wellness industry

Our core competences in the beauty industry:

  • Business processes analysis and optimization using CRM and ERP systems
  • Online payment and document management
  • Knowledge database, education management, and performance appraisal
  • Entrance and exit control
  • Synchronization of data from fitness equipment and test devises with the users’ cards
  • Online training scheduling and booking via website or mobile app

Service industry team has experience of cooperation with companies that provide B2C services – cleaning, plumbing, light maintenance and repair, furniture assembly. For these businesses, we developed all the required tools for their work:

- Websites, landing pages, and mobile application for service orders

- CRM, ERP, and payment management systems, control of employees’ work schedules, and payroll preparation

Our solutions help our clients to become resource-efficient, maintain warehouse inventory control, keep track of employees’ educative processes, and optimize logistic processes.

Our core competences in the B2C sector:

  • Business processes analysis and optimizationBusiness processes analysis and optimization using CRM and ERP systems
  • Payment managementPayment management (online and offline), cash-flow planning, and payroll accounting
  • Knowledge databaseEducation management, and performance appraisal
  • Optimization of logistic processesAutomated planning of the employee route, and work order generation based on each employee location
  • Warehouseinventory control