The Franchise Rating is a special BEBOSS project, and we developed several new instruments for it:

  1. With the help of the machine learning instruments, we gathered information about all the franchises in Russia, analyzed the franchising market, and created the rating.
  2. We created a separate landing page for this rating, which gives a possibility to search for the franchises in the definite categories or according to the volume of investments.
  3. We created a system for the “rating medals” automatic generation, and their automatic publication on the franchisees’ websites.
  4. We performed a complete SEO campaign for this project.

Nowadays, the BEBOSS Franchise Rating is the most popular and the most visited webpage about the franchising in Russia. Thanks to the correct SEO and regular updates, this page has been holding the first positions according to the search query “franchise rating” in Yandex and Google search engines for the last 5 years.

The landing page is developed with the help of the Yii2 framework, and MySQL is used as a database. We made adaptive cross-browser HTML-coding and lazy load for the franchise list to not load all 500 franchises for the user.   Franchise Rating buttons are embedded into 700 different websites, and every day over 20 000 people browse them.