We developed a special service for Uborka.Expert Company and we called it EPS – email, push & SMS notification service.

This service can be integrated with any website or mobile application, allows users to subscribe for notifications, and can send mass messages or personalized ones. 

The system uses all existing notification channels:

  1. E-mail. For e-mails sending, we use Exim. We created cross-platform mobile-friendly e-mail layouts and the system for the tracking of e-mail opening, links following, and unsubscribing.
  2. PUSH-notifications. The system includes both mobile and browser push-notifications. For notification sending, we use the Firebase Cloud Messaging. There is also a control system of messages delivery and opening.
  3. SMS. The system allows informing users about important issues connected with the Uborka.Expert service via SMS – reports about the orders’ completion, requests for the feedback, etc. Beyond that, it allows creating mass text messaging to inform clients about new promotional offers and appealing proposals. 

The service is written with the help of the Phalcon. To store the notification queue, the RabbitMQ is used. As a database, we used PostgreSQL, and the statistical data is collected in the Clickhouse. The Firebase instruments are applied as well, and, in particular, the Firebase Cloud Messaging.